• Blue tooth connection, controlled by smartphone or tablet

  • Independent operation, even without phone/tablet


  • Rechargeable Li-battery, USB charging port, meet whole day use

  • Magnetic electrode, Easy & Fast connection

  • Rich pre-set protocols

  • Ramp-up time, Hold time, Ramp downtime, and Interval time adjustable to meet various treatment needs

  • With a wider range of parameters, it can meet more clinical use needs

MStim Reha LGT-231 using NMES stimulate for prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy, for muscle re-education, and for relaxation of muscle spasms in the treatment of swallowing dysfunction in impaired neuromuscular function.

Neurogenic swallowing disorders of various causes are the preferred indications:

♦ Swallowing disorders due to head and neck disorders

♦ Swallowing disorders due to lung diseases

♦ Muscle disorders of the face and neck


Pulse width50-400μs
Pulse Frequency1-120Hz
Intensity0- 100mA    
Battery LifeMore than 4 hours
Rated Power6VA
Dimension62mm (W) × 122mm (L) × 27mm (H)
Weight120g (only main unit)
Warranty24 months



Power adapter
Electrode lead hose2pcs
Self-adhesive electrode with magnetic connection: 50mm×50mm (square)2pcs


1.What is disphagia?

Dysphagia/Swallowing disorder is defined as impaired swallowing functions of the mouth, pharynx, and esophagus, with the resulting difficulty in eating and the inability to safely and effectively deliver food from the mouth to the stomach

2.What is NEMS?

    NMES is neuromuscular electrical stimulation directly stimulates surrounding motor nerves and cause muscle contraction. 

3.How many treatment sessions could cure the indications?

    It varies from the severity of the patient and should be confirmed by the professional therapist.