MStim Reha LGT-231 incorporates NMES technology for the prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy, muscle re-education, and for the relaxation of muscle spasms. It is widely used for the treatment of swallowing dysfunction caused by impaired neuromuscular function.

This EMS device is intelligently controlled by a smartphone or tablet. It can also be used independently without connecting to a phone or tablet. The easy operation makes it ideal for patients who suffer from dysphagia to use. And the electrodes are magnetic and made of comfortable fabric. A wider range of adjustable parameters can meet different clinical use needs.

Certification: CE, FDA, Health Canda

Two Modes

TENS and NMES (CE version has MCR function)

Two Channels

The dual-channel design allows independent adjustment of intensity and the treatment of different areas at the same time.

Chic, reliable, durable, and affordable

  • The device comes with a convenient lanyard, easy to carry; and the electrodes are magnetic, easy to connect and remove;
  • CE-marked, FDA-cleared, and Health Canada approved
  • 2-year warranty

Small body, powerful functionalities

Dimension: 62mm (W) × 122mm (L) × 27mm (H)

Weight: 120g (device only)

Portable size enables you to use it while working, commuting, or resting.

Environmentally friendly 

Built with a rechargeable battery that lasts more than 4 hours on a single charge, making it more energy-saving and more environmentally friendly.

Smart connection

Bluetooth-connected to the mobile phone or the tablet by downloading Longest APP “MStim Reha” from APP stores, giving the user more visualize and accurate operation. 

A wide range of medical effects

① Chronic pain: back pain, periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, arthritis;

② Acute pain: fracture or postoperative wound pain;

③ Female Physical pain: period pain, chronic pelvic pain, labor analgesia 

④ Muscle soreness after exercise, muscle injuries treatment

⑤ The treatment of urinary retention, stress incontinence

⑥ Swelling reduction

⑦ Neuro rehabilitation: the treatment of swallowing difficulties and other muscle atrophy, muscle strength decline caused by the injury of the nervous system.

OEM Available

The device is customizable. You can customize color and logo, but MOQ is required, please contact us for more information.


LGT-231 can effectively enhance the strength of the muscles associated with swallowing and facilitates swallowing reflex by sensory stimulation. Clinically, NMES is used to depolarize nerve fibers at the point of attachment, inducing muscle contraction. It applies in neurogenic swallowing disorders of various causes such as swallowing disorders due to head and neck disorders, swallowing disorders due to lung diseases, muscle disorders of the face and neck.

Neurogenic swallowing disorders of various causes are the preferred indications:

♦ Swallowing disorders due to head and neck disorders

♦ Swallowing disorders due to lung diseases

♦ Muscle disorders of the face and neck

ModeTENS, NMES (MCR in CE version)
Pulse width50-400μs
Pulse Frequency1-120Hz
Intensity0- 100mA    
Battery LifeMore than 4 hours
Rated Power6VA
Dimension62mm (W) × 122mm (L) × 27mm (H)
Weight120g (only main unit)
Warranty24 months



Power adapter
Electrode lead hose2pcs
Self-adhesive electrode with magnetic connection: 50mm×50mm (square)2pcs


1. What is dysphagia?

Dysphagia/Swallowing disorder is defined as impaired swallowing functions of the mouth, pharynx, and esophagus, with the resulting difficulty in eating and the inability to safely and effectively deliver food from the mouth to the stomach

2. What is NEMS?

NMES is neuromuscular electrical stimulation that directly stimulates surrounding motor nerves and causes muscle contraction. 

3. How many treatment sessions could cure the indications?

 It varies from the condition of the patient and should be confirmed by professional clinicians or therapists.