Longest Ceiling Hoist System Entered 27 Medical Facilities in Shanghai – Stronger Support for Patient Rehabilitation

At the beginning of March 2021, Longest’s first ceiling hoist system installation project was launched in Shanghai, contributing to strengthening health systems to provide more comprehensive and more efficient rehabilitation services.

Longest’s ceiling hoist system installation project covering as many as 27 medical facilities in Shanghai, lasting for six months, has successfully completed at the end of August. 

Shanghai Soyoung Rehabilitation Center

Huamu Community Healthcare Center, Shanghai

Heqing Community Healthcare Center, Shanghai

Hangtou Hesha Community Healthcare Center, Shanghai

Datuan Community Healthcare Center, Shanghai

Datuan Community Healthcare Center, Shanghai

Zhoupu Community Healthcare Center, Shanghai

Longest ceiling hoist system is a state-of-art system that is specifically designed for hospitals, rehab centers, skilled nursing facilities, community healthcare centers and other healthcare environments to provide early rehabilitation and deal with the full range of demanding lifting and moving needs for patients who have difficulty walking and limited mobility.

The system is easy to move from one room to another through the ceiling rails and the lifting module and can be controlled by a handheld remoter thereby making it easier for patients to do daily activities such as going to the toilet, showering, and walking, and to perform rehabilitative training with dynamic body weight support, ultimately helping enhance their mobility and physical function and improve their quality of life.

Besides, Longest ceiling hoist system can also relieve nursing staff from demanding lifting and supporting needs when assisting the patient’s daily activities and rehabilitation and eliminate the risk of “falling down”.

What are the Benefits of Longest Ceiling Hoist System?

Improve Rehabilitation Efficiency

Longest Ceiling Hoist System can hold an injured or unwell patient aloft and in place, allowing them to start rehab exercises with dynamic weight relief, including gait training, balance, squat exercises, etc. This can help improve mobility, reduce bedsores, and minimize the chances of muscle atrophy. And with it, the medical professional can be relieved from lifting and supporting patients and focus more on patients and the quality of the exercise.

Besides, the system can be used with other equipment to better the effect of rehabilitation:

Gait Training

Walking Exercise Stair

Walking Aid

Upper & Lower Limbs Training

Balance Training

Increased Safety

Longest Ceiling Hoist System with the appropriate sling and straps can easily hold patients aloft and provides support and security for patients to stand and to walk without risk of falling, which can increase patients’ confidence to practice rehab training. It makes transferring and training safer for both the patient and the care staff.

Flexible Mobilization

The system allows a single caregiver to carry out transfers via ceiling rails and remote controllers. And the transitions between rail sections are smooth, providing maximum comfort. It reduces the workload of nursing staff, improves the quality and efficiency of patient care, and facilitates the safe and dignified transfers of bariatric patients.

Full Coverage

Through the configuration of various rails such as monorail, double rail, bend rail, transfer rail, H rail, and so on, Longest Ceiling Hoist System can realize the moving among different rooms and even the full coverage of the entire floor.  

Various Application Scenarios

Longest Ceiling Hoist System can provide rehabilitation and care assistance to patients in various physical conditions:

  • Neurological disorders/damage (stroke, brain trauma, cerebral palsy……)
  • Osteoarticular diseases and sports injury recovery
  • Lower limb walking training before and after wearing prosthesis and orthosis
  • Patients with limited mobility (elderly people, wheelchair users, bedridden patients, hemiplegic patients)

The system is suitable to install in various care environments, including homes, rehab centers, wards, washrooms, corridors, ICU, SPA rooms, nursing homes, etc.

Health Life, Longest Care

Each of us is likely to require rehabilitation more or less to lead a higher quality of life in the future. How to advance rehab technologies and hone skills to help people with rehabilitation needs, so that they can get scientific, effective, convenient, and dignified rehabilitation treatment is the cause that Longest has been pursuing. In facilitating rehabilitation service and capacity, there is a long way to go. Longest will continue to advance to create a trustworthy rehabilitation environment for everyone.

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