GZ Longest Pressotherapy

—— Squeeze Many Health Problems Out!

Realizing many therapeutic effects by providing the treated areas with gradient pressure intermittently. Pressotherapy can help enhance blood and lymphatic circulation to avoid lymphedema and many vascular disorders including DVT, varicose veins, and chronic venous insufficiency. This treatment is also popular among athletes to help relieve pain and soreness and speed up recovery after training.

Air Compression Therapy Series

Air Compression LGT-2210DS

Smart pressotherapy machine to further simplify the workflow and increase productivity

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Air Compression LGT-2200L

Powerful pressotherapy system that delivers pressure up to 187mmHg

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Air Compression LGT-2200WM

Specially designed to use in aesthetic medicine for body shaping, skin firming and toning.

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Air Compression LGT-2200SP

Designed for sports lovers and athletes to promote recovery after exercise.

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Technical Specification Comparison

Air Compression Therapy Series
Compression Mode 1886
ParametersPressure: 37 – 187 mmHg       Pressure: 37 – 187 mmHg        Pressure: 30 – 150 mmHg       
Time: 1 – 99min or 1-99hTime: 1 – 99minTime: 1 – 99min
Interface5.7’’ touch screen5.7’’ touch screen2.2’’OLED screen
Rechargeable Battery————6500mAh
Automatic Memory
Dimension393*366*194mm 393*366*194mm 270*148*128mm
Standard Weight10kg10kg1.65kg
CertificationCE, NRTL


CE, Health Canada, FDA, NRTL


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