Acoustic Wave Therapy – Say Bye to Cellulite

Acoustic wave equipment uses radial sound waves to reduce localized fat and eliminate cellulite blemishes to achieve skin elasticity and tone by accelerating blood flow and exchange of nutrients. It is approved that AWT is a safe treatment to improve cellulite appearance and reduce body circumferences.

For one thing, the acoustic waves penetrate the skin to the treated area, press the cell surface and promote cavitation. It increases the heterogeneous reaction interface, which leads to a uniform mixture of heterogenous reactants, and improvement of the heterogeneous reaction rate. For the other, they release energy and send it to the fat cells, improving the microcirculation and allowing the regulation of blood flow through the vascular bed. Therefore, activated metabolism and accelerated blood flow eliminate adiposity. The connective tissue relaxes and becomes more elastic and ready to produce new collagen favoring the firming of the dermis and epidermis.

AWT is recommended to be operated on with RF, cavitation, cryoliposis and EMS to achieve an excellent effect.

PowerWave LGT-2500F

With fashionable design and high security, LGT-2500F focuses on the convenient operation and various applications in different scenes. The unique lease mode provides more possibilities for owners to make profits and for users to save budgets.

  • Unique lease mode
  • 4″ foldable touch screen
  • Rotary knob for quit setting
  • Metal shell design
  • Facilitating movement
  • History download
shockwave equipment

PowerWave LGT-2500S Plus

Two channels can output at the same time to improve the cure efficiency of the equipment. The vibration handpiece for muscle relaxation and general handpiece for body contouring greatly enhance comfort and treatment effect.

  • 2 channels: general handpiece + vibration handpiece
  • User-defined protocols with clear guidance
  • Silent KNF air compressor
  • Circumference record for result review
  • 10 languages support

PowerWave LGT-2500S

Lightweight & portable, LGT-2500S focuses on quick and easy operation. It also takes up less space, avoiding overcrowding of the facility.

  • Ergonomic handpiece
  • Various transmittersfor option
  • Visual analogue scale for circumference
  • Qualified component: 2 million shocks tested
  • Data download and software update via USB

PowerWave LGT-2510A

LGT-2510A takes advanced pneumatic ballistic technology and uses a high-performance oil compressor, which guarantees a stable power source supply and superior treatment effect.

  • 4″ color touch screen
  • Large storage space
  • User-defined protocols
  • Burst mode
  • Patient database
  • Integrated air tank

PowerWave LGT-2510B

Based on a high-performance oil compressor, two output channels make LGT-2510B accessible to treat two patients simultaneously and effectively.

  • 2 channels: 2 general handpieces
  • Burst mode
  • Visual Analog Scale for pain assessment
  • Patient database
  • Stable and continuous shocks