Electrotherapy is the use of electrical pulses to stimulate muscles or nerves to realize many medical effects including relieving pain, promoting the healing process, restoring physical functions, improving mobility, slimming the body, and building muscles. This therapy has a wide application in physiotherapy, neurological rehabilitation, sports medicine, and aesthetic medicine.

MStim Reha LGT-231

Advanced TENS + NMES Technologies with A Smart User APP

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MStim Sports LGT-232

A New Way of Workout, Making Fat Burning & Muscle Building Easier!   

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MStim Drop LGT-233

Advanced FES Technology, Offer A New Possibility to Foot Drop Patients to Walk Faster, Further, and More Independently. 

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MStim Arth LGT-235

Wearable TENS + MCR Technology, Ideal for patients with knee osteoarthritis or knee injury to relieve pain and speed up the healing

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Electronic Muscle Stimulation LGT-2320BE

Powerful & Professional Electrical Stimulation Machine for Beauty Clinics to Effectively Help Patients Achieve Ideal Body Shape, Widely Used to Body Slimming and Muscle Building

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