GZ Longest Electrotherapy Devices


Electrotherapy is the use of electrical pulses to stimulate muscles or nerves to realize many medical effects including relieving pain, promoting the healing process, restoring physical functions, improving mobility, slimming the body, and building muscles. This therapy has a wide application in physiotherapy, neurological rehabilitation, sports medicine, and aesthetic medicine.

Electrotherapy Devices


MStim Reha LGT-231

· Small and portable

· Various stimulation: TENS, NMES, and MCR

· Smart user App control


MStim Sport LGT-232

· Small and wireless muscle stimulator

· Build muscle and improve strength 

· Smart user App control


MStim Drop LGT-233

· Wearable nerve stimulator for foot drop

· 2 treatment modes: Train & Walk

· Smart user App control


MStim Arth LGT-235

· Wearable stimulator for knee osteoarthritis


· Smart user App control


Electrical Stimulation for Beauty LGT-2320BE

· 12 channels for improved efficiency

· 9 treatment modes

· Touch screen for easy operation

Technical Specification Comparison

Electrotherapy Series

4 devices can be used 


Mode3 (TENS, NMES, MCR*)72 (Train, Walk)2 (TENS, MCR)9
ParametersPulse width: 50~400μsPulse width: 200~400μsPulse width: 50~500μsPulse width: 50~500μsPulse width: 220~250μs
Frequency:1-120HzFrequency:1-120HzFrequency:1-120HzFrequency:1-120HzFrequency: 55-113Hz
Intensity: 0-100mAIntensity: 0-100mAIntensity: 0-100mAIntensity: 0-100mA (TENS), 0-1000μA (MCR)Intensity: 0-120mA
User App——
Interface————————Touch screen
Rechargeable Battery——
Dimension66*122*27mm 55*16mm 59*59*22mm59*59*33mm392*365*217mm
Standard Weight120g60g60g2.2kg1.65kg
CertificationCE, FDA, Health CanadaHealth Canada, FDAFDA, Health CanadaCE, Health Canada, FDA Health Canada


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