At Guangzhou Longest (GZ Longest), we work to provide high-quality, cost-effective, and durable physiotherapy equipment for healthcare facilities to improve their workflow efficiency and increase patient satisfaction.


Electrostatic Oscillation Therapy

· Lightweight, pocket-size  

· 17 preset protocols, card free

· User-defined protocols


Shockwave Therapy Devices

· Intuitive – for easy operation

· Consistent – for excellent outcomes

· User-defined protocols – for different needs


Acoustic Wave Therapy Devices

· Stable and consistent shockwave output

· Intuitive operation

· Low-noise treatment


Pressotherapy Devices

· Pre-programed modes, easy operation

· Stable and consistent compression

· Excellent Price-Performance Ratio


Electrotherapy Devices

· Exceptional performance  

· Easy and intuitive operation

· Excellent Price-Performance Ratio


Active-Passive Trainer 

· Intelligent spasm recognition 

· Easy and intuitive operation

· Long service life


Respiratory Exercise

· Handheld, lightweight 

· Detachable Tubing

· Good break resistance


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