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Pressotherapy – Squeeze Fat Out 

Air Compression Therapy squeezes the proximal and distal limbs to promote blood circulation lymphatic system and improve body microcirculation sequentially. It operates continuous inflation and deflation of the sleeve to develop the circulating pressure on the human body.

The lymphatic system is very similar to the venous and arterial circulatory systems. It pumps lymph into muscle activity. When this action fails, the lymph tends to stagnate, accumulating in the intercellular space of the tissues and giving rise to edema or swelling. Compression and decompression give the body a progressive pressure push from the limbs towards the heart, stimulating the lymphatic and venous flow, helping the body to reabsorb excess liquids and increase diuresis.

Pressotherapy LGT-2200WM

LGT-2200WM comprises an intermittent pneumatic controller, 8-chamber sleeves and a connectable hose. The controller inflates air into the sleeves, forms gradient pressures, and performs inflation and deflation.

  • 7″ touch screen
  • Pressure unit switchable between mmHg and kPa
  • 8 compression modes, 4 output channels
  • Real-time pressure & inflation part monitoring (visible in the interface)
  • 2 pcs of full-body cuffs can be connected with one device at the same time