Uniquely Designed Filter Sponge

The sponge can prevent inhaling a foreign object during use

Detachable Tubing

Make it easier to clean the mouthpiece after use

Small Size, Handy

The compact size and break-resistant design make it convenient, safe, and durable.

Tubing Holder

Make storage of tubes convenient after use


It is designed for patients who need breathing exercises to get back to normal breathing. 

Suitable for: 

  • Patients undergoing thoracic and abdominal surgery
  • Patients with swallowing difficulties (dysfunction) and aphasia
  • Patients suffering from declined pulmonary function due to mechanical ventilation
  • Patients with pneumonia
  • Others who need to recover pulmonary respiratory function
Cat. NoDescriptionPack Info.
LGT312SCapacity: 1200cc1 PC/Box, 24 Boxes/Carton
LGT319SCapacity: 1900cc 1 PC/Box, 24 Boxes/Carton