GZ Longest Cryotherapy System LGT-2410S to Boost Recovery of Sports Injuries

Recently, GZ Longest unveiled the latest innovation – Cryotherapy system LGT-2410S which has been designed to effectively reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation from an acute soft tissue injury for better and quicker recovery.

Soft tissue injuries are frequent in sports and recreational activities. It can range from minor strains and sprains to more severe tears and ruptures. However, no matter minor or severe, they all significantly impact an athlete’s performance and recovery. Therefore, timely and proper treatment to help heal faster and reduce the recovery period is critical for every athlete to get back in the game faster. 

Using cryotherapy in acute sports injuries as well as the rehabilitation of the injured athlete has become more and more common due to its effectiveness, ease of use, and affordability. Most clinical studies report that using cryotherapy has a positive effect on pain reduction and on the recovery of various injuries. When tissues are cooled down to 10-15℃, analgesic effects are achieved. Cryotherapy also decreases edema and lowers inflammation. 


What’s Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, is a physical therapy method where the treated area is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. It has been gaining steam in recent years. Many elite athletes use it following training to feel better and recover faster. it has also been used by some individuals to assist in managing chronic pain conditions. 


Reap the Rewards of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy provides health and wellness benefits for all. In sports and fitness, it can be used to aid in reducing inflammation, speed up muscle recovery, and repair after training or workout. In aesthetic medicine, cryotherapy helps achieve tauter and less wrinkly skin and helps calories-burning. In health and wellness, cryotherapy provides effective treatment for chronic musculoskeletal conditions including arthritis, lower back pain, runner’s knee, and tendonitis. 


Why GZ Longest Cryotherapy System LGT-2410

GZ Longest Cryotherapy System LGT-2410 uses freezing CO2 gas at a temperature of -78℃ and a pressure of 50 bars to cool down the skin temperature to 4℃ in just 30 seconds. Compared with using nitrous oxide gas, it is a safer alternative much less expensive, and more readily available.


Easy operation: Visible, Safe, and Precise

The system is pre-programmed with user guidance and treatment guidance with images, making it easy to learn. And the automatic stop when the skin temperature is lower than -1℃ reduces the risks associated with the implementation. Healthcare providers can get comfortable and confident in applying it for treatment quickly.

The large 10.1-inch touchscreen provides a clear view of key information for the practitioners: real-time temperature, remaining treatment time, remaining gas level, etc. The handpiece is also designed with a small screen that shows the real-time temperature and remaining treatment time so that the practitioner can receive real-time feedback for timely adjusting the treatment, even from meters away, which facilitates precise and safe procedures.


Remarkable Design, greater reliability

The handpiece has anti-frosting function for long service life and low maintenance. The handpiece emits blue light while treating to better localize the treatment area, ensuring precise and effective treatment. And VAS score record and case library enable tracking of the treatment progress and effectiveness. 


GZ Longest – Where to get reliable and affordable physiotherapy & rehabilitation equipment

Specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment since 2000, GZ Longest has rich experience, expertise, R&D strength, and manufacturing capacity to satisfy every need, no matter how demanding it is.

We are fully compliant with the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management systems. Each component is strictly selected and verified to sustain a long period of application. Each product is manufactured with care in detail. Here, quality is of top priority. 


For any questions about the Cryotherapy System LGT-2410, please get in touch with us via export@longest.cn