GZ Longest Moving Headquarters, Look Ahead To A Bright Future

Guangzhou Longest Science & Technology was moved to a new location on April 26, 2022. The move is to integrate resources and coincide with the further growth strategies.

On April 26, 2022, Guangzhou Longest Science & Technology moved its corporate office, manufacturing base, warehouses, and at least 600 employees, from a commercial office building to a self-built modern and multi-functional park covering an area of over 25,000㎡. The investment is up to 400 million yuan (61 million dollars).

The heavily invested new park is much more spacious and equipped with upgraded facilities to better meet Longest’s growth projections. The move also makes Longest’s resources more consolidated and significantly improves operational efficiency. The improved working environment arouses employees’ passion and motivation to grow with Longest.

Longest, founded in 2000 by Mr. Luo Yuanlong, is a fast-growing manufacturer of physio & rehab products in China, with a goal of providing the best products and services that are medical systems with powerful tools to deliver better and more affordable physiotherapy & rehabilitation services to all. 

Longest believes good health is the foundation of happiness and enriched life. And physiotherapy or rehabilitation is essential to promote good health for all. Therefore, Longest strives to make physiotherapy and rehabilitation services affordable and accessible to more and more people through continued upgrading and innovation of products. 

Let’s expect a brighter future for Longest. We will consistently deliver exceptional results for our partners and customers.

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