Letter of Declaration


To whom it may concern:

We, GUANGZHOU LONGEST SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (hereafter to be referred as ” Longest ”), with
registered address at #96 Chuangqiang Road, Ningxi Street, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, China, is one of the
famous brand manufacturers in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in China.

Recently, we found our products have been shown illegally on the following websites (probably more) and some
e-commerce websites (ie Alibaba or Made-in-China) at very low prices, such as:

The legitimate rights and the reputation of Longest have been seriously damaged by these illegal behaviors.
Therefore, we would like to clarify:
The above actions are not officially authorized by Longest, and it would be the situation of selling fake products /
services to the customers.
Anything related to these fake information including pictures and prices are not officially granted by LONGEST. We
We are not responsible for any consequences if the customers buy from any source without our authorization.
To protect yourself from these fake products, we would like to ask you to buy LONGEST products from our authorized
distributors (or agents). They always hold an Authorization Letter from LONGEST.

The official websites of Longest are:
www.longest.cn, for China market;
www.gzlongest.com, for the Overseas market.

Hereby, we kindly remind all the customers if any questions on the above information, you are welcome to contact with us
via email export@longest.cn or Tel: +86) 20 6635 3999


Sales Director of LONGEST:

Date: May 23rd, 2023