Longest’s New Affordable Medical Device to Ease Rehabilitation Delivery and Broaden Access to Care

  • Remarkably compact dimension, easy-to-use system, at a very compelling price point.
  • An efficient solution to many use cases, be it physiotherapy, rehabilitation, orthopedics, medical aesthetics, or sports medicine.
  • For clinics to deliver care with ease and more efficiently, no compromise on quality
  • For patients to manage their chronic conditions easily at home.
  • Save time & cost and improve health and quality of life for people.

Recently, Guangzhou Longest (GZ Longest) launched its more efficient medical device – PowerOsci LGT-2360S, for physiotherapy and rehabilitation and made its first appearance at MEDICA 2022, Germany. The device is designed to transform care delivery and enable wider access to rehabilitation.


New Innovation to Cope with Rising Global Rehabilitation Needs

Rehabilitation is no longer only needed by a minority of the population. According to WHO, one-third of the world’s population is living with a health condition that can benefit from rehabilitation, indicating the urgent need to scale up rehabilitation to ensure services reach those who need them.

Moreover, the world’s population is aging and the number of people living with non-communicable diseases in increasing, contributing to a global increase in the number of people experiencing impairment or a decline in functioning.

PowerOsci LGT-2360S is a small and multifunctional medical device that provides many clinical benefits: pain relief, mobility restoration, wound healing promotion, etc. Its significantly compact dimension makes it fit for very small room and it also enables therapists to provide on-the-spot care, which is a good way to increase the coverage of service and patient experience.


How Does it Works?

PowerOsci LGT-2360S delivers electrostatic oscillation treatment with massage or application. The treatment creates an electrostatic field in the tissue to achieve therapeutical benefits. As the vinyl-gloved hands or applicators move over the tissue, the tissue layers are attracted and then released.


What Does it Help?

It is a gentle, relaxing, and comfortable treatment that provides the following benefits:

  • Strong Pain Relief Potential
  • Edema Reduction
  • Promotion of Wound Healing
  • Anti-inflammatory Effect
  • Enhancement of Microcirculation
  • Prevention and Reduction of Lymphoedema
  • Detoxification
  • Trophic Improvement
  • Antifibrotic Effect 
  • Increase of Range of Motion
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Improvement of Skin Elasticity & Firmness
  • Anti-aging of Face and Neck
  • Removal of Eye Bags and Dark Circles
  • Scars Elimination


Who Can Benefit?

  • People living with chronic pain
  • Seniors with joint and mobility problems
  • Postpartum mom
  • Patients after injury or surgery
  • Athletes or sports enthusiasts
  • Whoever wants to improve their physical appearance


Why Choose?

Productivity – Improve Your Workflow Efficiency

PowerOcsi LGT-2360S provides quick and effective treatment. Normal treatment is around 20 minutes, helping you simplify everyday interventions and reduce patients’ waiting time.

Reliability – Benefit from Proven Excellence

PowerOcsi is designed for stable and safe performance, long lifecycle, and low maintenance. And it is FDA-approved for quality and safety.

Portability – Increase Access to Superior Treatment

Thanks to the easy-to-learn system, pocket-size design, and long-lasting rechargeable battery, PowerOsci gives patients access to high-quality care at home and on the go.

Profitability – Reduce Operational Costs and Increase Patience Satisfaction

PowerOsci LGT-2360S is easy to learn, operate, and maintain, reducing the costs of training and risks associated with the implementation. The treatment is non-invasive, immediate, and comfortable, with obvious therapeutic effects. It can be a great alternative or a complementary tool to other therapies to improve patient care and patient retention.

Getting patients back to work in the shortest possible time is essential in the field of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. PowerOsci LGT-2360S can be used immediately after surgery to help patients recover faster. Incorporating PowerOsci LGT-2360S into your Clinical Practice can help you increase satisfaction and patient retention by giving patients early clinical improvements and early recovery.


About GZ Longest

Guangzhou Longest Science & Technology Co., Ltd, a leading provider of high-quality physiotherapy & rehabilitation products in China, is committed to helping create a better environment of physiotherapy & rehabilitation for all and making affordable physio & rehab services reach everyone.

Our high-quality products are providing benefits for more than 2000+ medical facilities in over 80 countries. In addition, we have helped build highly efficient physiotherapy & rehabilitation systems for corporations and healthcare providers around the world.

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