Top 5 Suggestions for You to Choose the Best Shockwave Therapy Device

Shockwave therapy is utilized in orthopedics, sports medicine, and physiotherapy. The main applications of this therapy are to restore mobility and to provide efficient pain relief. It is a non-invasive method that requires no surgery or drug administration in the body to work. Thus it makes an ideal therapy for speeding up recovery and treating different indications that cause acute or chronic pain in the body.

Shockwave therapy device works by passing acoustic waves that carry high energy amplitude to painful areas and the tissues in the body with acute, sub-chronic, and chronic medical conditions. The energy works for regenerating and repairing the processes of the tendons, bones, and other soft tissues.

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The Market of Shockwave Therapy Devices

It is acknowledged shockwave therapy devices are of vital importance to relieve the pain efficiently. A copious number of business people are aware of this commercial opportunity and have come into this market.  

The global market size for global shockwave therapy devices had a cumulative value of 87 million USD in the year 2019. This size is projected to see an increment with an estimated value of 106.6 million USD by 2026. The CAGR growth is 2.8% of the forecast time, according to a report published. This improvement and a significant investment of the development and research activities in the medical appliance field holds the potential to grow the portable shockwave therapy machine market to a significant extent. Thus, it attracts more people to own this business.

Applications of The Shockwave Therapy Device

The shockwave therapy device comes with applications as stated according to the body part:

  • Shoulder (tendon inflammation in the deltoid region, calcification in the supraspinatus region resulting in inflammation, bicep tendon rupture, and frozen shoulder)
  • Lower Limb(shin splints, tendon rupture in the patella, fasciitis in the plantar region, trigger point, and friction problems in the tibial region)
  • Torso(soft tissue pain, erector spinae problem, and trigger point)
  • Upper Limbs(golf elbow, tennis elbow, finger tendinitis, and trigger point)
  • Hips(piriformis syndrome, trochanter pain syndrome, and sciatica)


Suggestions for Choosing Shockwave Therapy Device

Now that you know about the application of shockwave therapy devices, it is time to see the suggestions before buying one. Here are some tips for you:

1. Power Range and Frequency

Most appliances for shock wave therapy come with a minimum pressure of 1.0 bar. Quality devices have their pressure ranges more than 4.0, even up to 5.0 bar. Not only that, the physical therapy range is usually 2.0 to 3.0 bar. It is acknowledged that the shockwave therapy device is typically used in musculoskeletal disorders. Moreover, most capable and reliable devices, which are popularized worldwide, are designed with a maximum shockwave for 22 Hz and vibration for 35 Hz. Thus, it is a wise decision for you to take the power ranges, shockwave, and vibration of the shockwave therapy device into consideration before purchasing.  

2. Display

Clear screen display, user manual, and guide images make the application of the shockwave therapy device much convenient. For better performance of a procedure requiring shockwave therapy as a standalone solution, the proper monitoring of the inputs through powerful display features is essential.

3. Operation

Some shockwave therapy devices are made from durable material but are too heavy to carry around freely. An effective device should be portable and be easy to operate. Moreover, it should be coming with multiple languages to improve its usability among different professionals.

4. Size

There are many shockwave therapy devices that have a weight of more than 20 kilograms. It is considered preferable to have a lighter shockwave therapy machine with around half of the anticipated weight. Portable and convenient carry is essential to some extent.

5. Quality

A shockwave therapy device needs to have a good selling quality and pass through vigorous testing before reaching the final consumer. Most certifications like the MNPA, ISMST, and CE approve the reliability of this product and describe it fit for use for different sports and clinical applications.

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LGT-2500S(ConfigIII) from Longest

LGT-2500S(ConfigIII) is a shockwave therapy device from Longest with portable design, certified performance, ideal pressure and frequency range, operation, and a compelling display mode. We are the first Chinese shockwave therapy supplier who obtains certification like MNPA, CE, and ISMST. Our products support five different languages and come with a built-in silent compressor.  

What’s more, it comes with treatment guidance images and pre-set protocols to enhance usability. The protocols are user-defined, and there are two channels used in the machine with an efficient parameter setting.


The health problems have led to a drastic increase in the demand for medical supplies, especially shockwave therapy devices. With the wide applications of these products, our chronic pains have been cured to some extent. Now that you must clearly understand shockwave therapy devices, then finding a capable shockwave therapy machine provider is necessary.

Longest, with our high-end products for rehabilitation and physical therapy, takes pride in taking ahead research and innovation to produce and supply one of the most effective and reliable medical appliances across different countries and within the borders. Moreover, we have extensive experience in the field, spread a message of hope that comes with the best production of these devices. Take some time to hear how we may help you.