Why Choose Longest as Your Next Compression Therapy Machine Purchase

Compression therapy in medical aesthetics is used to promote body lymphatic drainage utilizing pressure on different body parts. A compression therapy machine helps stimulate different body tissues, including the lymphatic system, through alternating compression and decompression. 

The compression therapy machine helps in refreshing and relaxing the body’s different tissues for cellulite removal, drainage of lymphatic material, and fat reduction in targeted body areas. It is designed to help in reducing the signs of aging as well. The massage tends to provide beneficial results over a short period. Many aesthetic clinics use this air compression therapy device to help their clients get the treatment they need for different purposes. 

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Usage in Medical Aesthetic

Air compression therapy device utilizes a dynamic system for alternating compression through the help of inflating pumps. The compression device utilizes different chambers that are positioned through the treatment area. When the compression goes through the chambers, the lymphatic oxygen flow in the venous compartment gets improved. It leads to appreciable detoxification of inflammation, swelling, bloating, and lactic acid. Many clients get positive results from this condition, such as reducing edema, cellulite, and overall toxin levels in the body. 

Working Principle 

A compression therapy device with cuffs and sleeves is usable on the limbs, arms and legs, and lower back. The sleeves come with a sequential pulse technology which has a pulsing compression radiating up towards the heart. The compression therapy device supplied by a medical device supplier comes with enhanced lymphatic drainage, oxygenation, blood circulation in the body, and the areas that require treatment. 


LGT-2200WM Compression Therapy Machine 

If you are searching for a compression therapy machine, you’ve found the perfect place to get the best machine. We want to recommend Longest, a medical device supplier that is constantly committed to providing customers with high-quality products. Not only that, the compression therapy machine from us, especially used in medical aesthetics, will never disappoint you. The following are the top reasons to choose our products.

● Composition 

The compression therapy machine from Longest comes with a controller, air-controlled hose, and a power cord along with cuffs and sleeves in the package. The controller of the therapy machine comes with an automatic check for the cuff connection and the particular type of cuff or sleeve applied. What’s more, the controller is there to detect any unusual pressures that may come in the regular operation. Not only that, the controller is specially made for enabling the custom pressure values that need to be delivered to the client. 

An Air connectable hose connects the controller to the cuffs and sleeves of the compression therapy machine. Also, the AC power cord provides the whole compression therapy device with the power needed to function and provide alternating compression and expansion. 


● High-Efficiency Pneumatic Compression System

The compression therapy machine comes with a high-efficiency pneumatic compression system which makes effective compression and decompression of the cuffs and sleeves. Pneumatic compression systems and sleeves with overlapping technology are used for maximum treatment, helping patients worldwide for over 20 years to manage lymphedema and venous insufficiency better.


● User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface comes with an LCD screen display and right control buttons, making the utility of the compression device highly convenient for the user. It helps to switch any mode of operability that may be needed during the treatment for best results. 


● Easy to Switch Pressure Unit (mmHg and kPa)

The pressure units in the form of kPa and mmHg are easily interchangeable. Whatever the location, the user can easily interpret the optimized or minimum pressure through the screen display with no inconvenience. This saves from any error in controlling and interpreting the information. 


● Real-Time Pressure

The pressure ranges from 37 to 187 mmHg or 5 to 25 kPa, which provides a good range for the user. From there, they can easily select the mode as per their convenience and the purpose of the treatment. For example, fat reduction may require higher pressure than the pressure required for lymphatic drainage. 


● Various Applications

Our products are the priority choice among people who want to own this business with the above functions. Not only that, the applications of the air compression therapy device are quite many and are listed as under:

  1. Blood circulation improvement 
  2. Lymphatic drainage
  3. Detoxification by clearing up the lymphatic system from substances such as lactic acid
  4. Treatment for cellulite reduction 
  5. Body toning in the buttocks, legs, arms, and the legs
  6. Reduction of body tension and fatigue
  7. Strengthening of sagging skin 
  8. Treatment of edema such as seen in lymphedema
  9. Treatment of aging signs in the body 


Health Life, Longest Care

LGT-2200WM compression therapy machine from Longest is an effective, sophisticated, and affordable compression therapy device that goes a long way in medical aesthetics. We are one of the most dedicated and innovative medical device suppliers in the market. We have been producing state-of-the-art and sophisticated medical tools for various purposes, including medical aesthetics. We are confident to guarantee the most satisfactory experience you will get from our proficient services and products. 

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