• User-friendly interface, just a few steps to finish your setting
  • Gentle inflation and deflation
  • Durable & easy-use sleeves
  • Pressure unit switchable between mmHg and kPa
  • 8 compression modes
  • Real-time pressure, and inflation part monitoring (visible in the interface)
  • 2 pcs full body cuffs can be connected with one device at the same time
  • Lymph drainage
  • Blood circulation
  • Detoxification
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Body shaping in legs, abdomen, buttocks, and arms
  • Strengthening of loose skin
  • Relaxation of stress
  • Relieve of fatigue
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of edema (Chronic venous edema, Lymphedema, Post-mastectomy lymphedema)


Compression Mode8
5.7″ touch screen
Power consumption55 W
Time Range1-99mins
Pressure Range40-190mmHg
Input voltageAC220-240V, 50Hz
Pressure5-25kPa (steps of 1kPa)
37-187mmHg (steps of 7.5 mmHg)
Sleeve type4-chamber sleeves /8-chamber sleeves
Dimension36.6(L) × 39.3(W) × 19.4(H) cm
Input voltage
AC 220-240V, 50Hz


One-to-one connection hose2pcs
One-to-two connection hose2pcs
Power cord1pc



8-chamber Leg sleeves1pc
8-chamber Arm sleeves1pc
8-chamber Full Body Cuff 1pc
4-chamber waist sleeves1pc

1. What are the advantages of LGT-2200WM?
The Multi Lymphatic drainage system, LGT-2200WM is used for the purpose of drainage of the dissolved or melted fat cells generated after various obesity equipments by improving lymph glands or blood vessels that constricted or damaged due to cellulite or excessive fat cells on the lymphatic drainage step, one of general obesity lipolysis steps.

2. How many treatment sessions could cure the indications?
It varies from the severity of the patient and should be confirmed by the professional therapist.