Next Generation Active-Passive Trainer: Unleashing Upgrades 

LONGEST MEDICAL is excited to unveil the upgrades to its active-passive trainer and launched RehaMoto LGT-5100P. The brand-new enhancements empower the more efficient work of healthcare givers and greater patient safety and experience throughout the recovery period.


Reduced Weight, Easing the Work of Nurses

RehaMoto LGT-5100P weighs only 46.5kg and has wheels at the bottom, easy for nurses to move from place to place, more effortlessly. We clearly know that healthcare workers are one of the most overworked groups in the world and thus work to develop devices that help ease their work, improve efficiency, and deliver better patient care.

Safe and Effective Recovery Ensured

RehaMoto LGT-5100P is engineered to help patients recovering from injuries or surgeries, suffering from muscle atrophy, or confined to a wheelchair to get back their mobility, improve strength and muscle tone, and ultimately improve wellness and quality of life.


There are five training modes that meet the recovery needs of patients

  • Active-passive mode: For patients with reduced muscle force to improve strength, endurance, and range of motion. The machine allows complete control of speed, resistance, number of rotations, and load levels.
  • Assisted mode: It assists patients with little muscle force in completing the pedaling cycles, which helps boost motor activity and improve coordination.
  • Isokinetic mode: In this mode, the patient exerts the force to complete the pedaling cycles, with constant speed but varying resistance levels (0-24).
  • Symmetrical mode: The interface will show the training levels of the left and right limbs, enabling the correct adjustment to improve bilateral balance of muscle strength and enhance coordination.
  • Fine motor training mode: It is used to assess patient cognition using hand-eye coordination on the basis of reaction time and accuracy.

It is important to ensure patient safety during the training. RehaMoto LGT-5100P is thoughtfully designed with:

  • Heart rate monitoring: RehaMoto LGT-5100P can connect with a heart rate monitor to avoid overexercise and promote effective exercise.
  • Emergency stop: Patients or healthcare gives can stop the machine immediately when needed.
  • Velcro handcuff and leg support: For patients with little force to cycle safely.
  • Spasm recognition: The trainer can quickly identify and relieve spasms, ensuring muscles are protected while training.
  • Wheelchair fixture: It makes it friendly to patients in wheelchairs to exercise.
  • Anti-slip material: The handles and pedals are covered with anti-slip foam.


Simple to Operate, Greater Experience for Patients

RehaMoto LGT-5100P is easy to operate with an 8’’ LCD touchscreen with an intuitive interface. Real-time training data is displayed to know the progress. 3 amusing games are programmed into the trainer to increase the patient’s engagement and reduce boredom.

All components are well-selected to ensure the long-lasting beauty and function of the trainer and the reduced maintenance needs and costs. If you are looking for reliable rehab bikes that are worth investing in, LONGEST MEDICAL is your destination. Contact us via