• 8”full color touch screen, accurate operation, intuitive display. It can be rotated 270°~360° .
  • The upper limb training handle is detachable and replaceable.
  • Upper limb training platform 180° adjustable
  • Arm height is adjustable
  • Calf shells of the lower limb are adjustable
  • Handlebar design, Easy to hold and remove
  • Upper limb strap + lower limb strap to ensure smooth training for patients without muscle strength or weak muscle strength
  • With transport rollers, the device can move anywhere
  • The chassis is stable. It won’t move when training.
  • Safety protection of upper and lower limbs.
  • High-performance servo motors ensure smooth operation.
  • Spasm recognition: Intelligent spasm setting, identification, and protection system for safe training.
  • Symmetrical training: To achieve visualization training of left and right muscle strength, to guide bilateral balance of muscle strength, enhance coordination.
  • Game training: Enhance the fun of training and improve the initiative of users
  • Prevention for Muscle atrophy, Osteoporosis, Joint spasm
  • Improvement of blood circulation, Joint mobility, Muscle strength and endurance, Cardiopulmonary function, Sensory function and coordination
  • Indications include:
    Skull and brain trauma
    Parkinson’s disease
    Cerebral paresis
    Multiple sclerosis (MS)
    Muscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy
    Cardio-vascular problems
    Arthritis and osteoarthritis
    Other problems lead to hypokinesia
  • Contraindications include:
    Ligament or knee injury or spinal fracture
    Limb severe spasticity or stiffness
    Limbs need immobilization
    Vital signs are unstable
    Mental disorder (unable to express or have difficulty in the communication)
    The later stage of osteoporosis
    Crippled limbs


Training ModePassive Training, Active Training, Assisted Training, Isokinetic Training, Symmetry training
Interface8″ touch screen
Rotate speed5~60r/min(Passive、Assisted、Isokinetic)
Treatment time 1min-120min (steps of 1min)
Power supply100~240VAC
Resistance Level
Spasm detector and relief
Spasm detector function can be turned on and off, 10 levels can be adjusted. Spasm relief rate: 1~5
Adjustable range Supporting module1-150mm
Display (max.).270°- 360°
Size 760mm(L)×710mm(W)×1072~1222mm(H)


Display Screen 1pc
Straps for hands 1pc
Power Cord 1pc



Handle Component1pc

1. What is Kinesiotherapy?
Kinesiotherapy literally movement therapy, is the therapeutic treatment of disease by passive and active muscular movements (as by massage) and of exercise. It is the core element of physiotherapy/physical therapy.

2. What are isometric exercises, isotonic exercises, isokinetic exercises?
Isometric exercise are a type of strength training in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction. Isotonic exercises are that in an isotonic contraction, tension remains the same, whilst the muscle’s length changes. Isokinetic exercises are a type of strength training. It uses specialized exercise machines that produce a constant speed no matter how much effort you expend. These machines control the pace of an exercise by fluctuating resistance throughout your range of motion.


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