A Smart DVT Pump System that Improves VTE Prevention in Hospital Settings

  • Compact dimensions and lightweight: easing the workload of caregivers, increasing flexibility of treatment, and saving space
  • Battery-operated: reducing cords, increasing safety in the patient rooms; more energy-efficient
  • Quiet operation: minimizing patient and caregiver disruption and providing patients with a quiet and comfortable recovery environment
  • Automated garment recognition: reducing user intervention, further simplifying operation steps to improve efficiency and increase productivity
  • Intuitive user interface: easy to operate
  • Alternate and synchronous inflation, gradient compression: more effective and comfortable VTE prevention experience
  • Single-leg treatment supported: more precise and effective treatment
  • Vascular refill detection: safe and smart compression cycles
  • Real-time pressure monitoring: giving caregivers real-time feedback for safety and peace of mind
  • High-quality connector: easy to connect and disconnect, durable to use
  • Complete range of garments made of high quality and breathable fabrics: ensuring effective and comfortable therapy for all patients and clinical needs

Benefits of the treatment

  • VTE prevention
  • Circulation enhancement
  • Acute and chronic edema reduction
  • Improve the healing rate of leg ulcers
  • Venous stasis treatment
  • Venous insufficiency prevention and treatment