Squeeze Many Health Problems Out 

Compression therapy offers a number of benefits. The most common use is relieving pain caused by arthritis, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, overuse, and vein and lymphatic problems.

The therapy uses inflatable sleeves that apply pressure to the legs, hips, or arms to enhance blood flow and lymphatic drainage and reduce the swelling and inflammation in the treated area, which can be helpful for aches and pain.

Besides, the increased circulation can reduce stiffness, tension, and soreness of muscles, increase range of motion, clear toxins and wastes from the body, boost metabolism, and bring oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the injured areas to speed up the healing process.

Air Compression Therapy LGT-2200L

A powerful and professional intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) device used by professional therapists to help patients improve blood flow, reduce swelling and pain, manage varicose veins, improve lymphatic function, release muscle tension, and prevent blood clots. 

  • 2 channels with 5.7’’ touch screen
  • 18 modes for various compression flow
  • Powerful pump that provides stable output
  • Individually adjustable pressure for each chamber
  • Disable one or more chambers to protect injured tissues
  • Personalized treatment programs from the most basic patient needs to more complex clinical prescription

Air Compression Therapy LGT-2200SP

A portable intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) device designed for consumers to use at home. It allows people to boost blood flow and speed up recovery whenever in need, with enhanced ease and comfort. 

  • Rechargeable battery ≥ 6h working hours
  • 6 modes, meet most treatment needs
  • Durable pump: withstand 10,000h tests
  • Real-time pressure monitoring
  • High quality overlapping sleeves