• Gradient pressure setting (100%, 85%, 70%, 60%)
  • The pressure of every chamber adjustable
  • Every chamber can be closed before the treatment
  • Durable & easy-use sleeves Pressure unit switchable between and kPa
  • User-friendly interface–touch screen & easy-to-use, just a few steps to finish your setting
  • Overlapping air chambers generate a gliding pressure wave with high efficiency
  • Gentle inflation and deflation Real-time pressure, time, and inflation part monitoring (visible in the interface)
  • Durable & easy-use sleeves Pressure unit switchable between and kPa
  • Prophylaxis of Deep vein thrombosis(DVT) (Post-stroke deep vein thrombosis, Post-traumatic deep vein thrombosis)
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of edema (Chronic venous edema, Lymphedema, Post-mastectomy lymphedema)

     ♦   Contraindications include:
           The treatment area joint instability due to various reasons
           Treatment area with deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
           Incomplete healing of fracture inside the treatment area joint
           Treatment area with bone joint tuberculosis
           Treatment area with tumor
           Patient with any open wounds, pressure ulcers, broken skin, and any other potential infection risks
           Patient with complex regional pain syndrome and vascular impairment
           Other patients that doctors think not suitable use this device



Compression Mode18(Including 3 DVT modes + 6 four chambers modes + 9 eight chambers mode
Time Range1min – 99min
Pressure Range40 – 190 mmHg
Interface5.7” touch screen
Dimension393(L)×366(W)×194(H) cm 


8-chamber Arm Sleeve2pcs
8-chamber Leg Sleeve2pcs
2-chamber calf sleeve (reusable) 1pc
1-chamber foot sleeve (reusable) 1pc
Hoses for 4-chamber sleeves1pc
Hoses for 8-chamber sleeves1pc
Hoses for DVT sleeves1pc



4-chamber Arm Sleeve1pc
4-chamber Leg Sleeve1pc
Full Body Cuff1pc

1. What should we know before using it?
LGT-2200L is intended exclusively for use by medical specialists and is only allowed to be used by qualified and instructed medical persons in a clinical environment. Specialists must have the basic physical and cognitive prerequisites such as vision, hearing, and literacy. Also, the basic function of the upper extremities is expected.

2. What is the benefit of LGT-2200L?
Compression therapy device comprised of main unit, sleeves, and connection hose. The working principle is the air inflating and deflating the sleeve sequentially to develop the circulating pressure on the human body. Squeezing the proximal and distal limbs to promote blood circulation lymphatic system and improve body microcirculation. Besides, it can prevent thrombus, reduce limb drops, and this kind of disease that is related to blood and lymph circulation directly or indirectly.

3. How many treatment sessions could cure the indications?
It varies from the severity of the patient and should be confirmed by the professional therapist.