Weight Loss & Body Toning with EMS training

Summer is approaching. Have you started your weight loss or body toning plan yet? And how do you lose weight or shape the body? Having a healthy diet and doing workouts? Here are tools to improve efficiency and achieve ideal results faster and easier.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is increasingly popular in the fitness and aesthetic world. In addition to speeding up the fat-burning and muscle-strengthening process, the device allows you to target particular muscles, which could be difficult without fitness knowledge or guidance by a fitness coach.

Studies have shown the incredible benefits of using EMS for weight loss, including belly fat loss.

The use of the high-frequency current therapy may be beneficial for reducing the levels of abdominal obesity in young women. And it is suggested to be used together with active exercise. A study found.

EMS has also been demonstrated to decrease waist circumference, subcutaneous fat mass, and cellulite, firm up muscles, and tighten skin.


How Does EMS work?

An EMS machine provides therapeutic effects by creating more frequent and intense muscle contractions stimulated by electrical impulses delivered through pads placed on the skin. The electrical impulses can activate more muscle fibre in the workout. Some deeper-lying muscle tissues are typically difficult to reach with traditional training methods, but EMS makes it easier.

Besides, electrical muscle stimulation can increase collagen and elastin production to help lift and tone the skin.


Professional EMS Machine for Beauty Clinics

GZ Longest Electrical Muscle Stimulation LGT-2320BE is a 12-channel design, allowing the therapist to treat multiple areas or 2 people simultaneously. And there are 9 treatment modes: Standard, Toning, Fast Slim, Lymph Drainage, Relaxation, Abdominal, Thigh & Hip, Facial, and Bust, meeting most body slimming and sculpting needs.

Watch the video to see how to use it.


Smart EMS Device for Personal Use

MStim Sport LGT-232 is a smart electrical stimulator for you to achieve the best. It is small and wearable. You can use it anytime, anywhere.

Our mobile app lets you control the device and track your progress easily. The device can automatically identify your condition and provide the most suitable pulse width and intensity while training.

Watch the video to learn more.


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