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Longest provides physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment to serve to facilitate athletic performance, prevent injuries, and keep athletes in the Games.   

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are in full swing. The athletes wear sharp ice skates and step on the snowboards, galloping on the field, showing their passion in the ice and snow. They brave to challenge and continue to go beyond themselves, arousing people’s great enthusiasm towards winter sports.

There are lots of fun in winter sports, but injuries are inevitable and should be taken seriously. It is a high-risk athletic sport. Athletes are prone to get injured during a competition.

Therefore, to safeguard the health of athletes of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Games and Paralympic Games, Beijing has built 1500㎡ clinics in Beijing Olympic Village and 1,658 ㎡ clinics in Yanqing Winter Olympic Village, equipped with devices and staff in 18 disciplines covering emergency treatment, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation, imaging, traditional Chinese medicine, and dentistry, respectively, to provide athletes with timely and effective medical treatment services such as out-patient treatment, emergency treatment, and rehabilitation intervention. A large number of medical staff are properly deployed at various competition fields.

Longest, as a leading physiotherapy & rehabilitation equipment supplier in China, is of great pleasure to contribute efforts to supporting the physio& rehab service in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games. Many Longest’s physio & rehab equipment have been set up in Shougang, Qinhuangdao, Chongli, and other medical support bases, including intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) therapy devices, extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) devices, magnetic therapy devices with two channels of magnetic vibration and heating, interference electric current therapy device, low-frequency stimulation therapy device, infrared polarized light therapy rehabilitation equipment, etc., offering powerful support to sports injury recovery, orthopedic rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, and rehabilitation in the acute stage.

Why Do Athletes Needs Physiotherapy

During the Games, athletes should complete the prescribed distance in the minimum time on the ice or snow or perform a series of difficult and challenging skills, with the help of ice skates or snowboard, which carry great risks of injury. And to win the Games, athletes have to obtain and maintain high speed and practice difficult moves and stunts, requiring high-intensity physical training before the Games. Such long-term training is easy to cause sports injuries in the waist, knee, calf, neck, back, and other body parts.

Training and competition often bring a great burden to muscles and joints. Therefore, the proper and scientific physical therapy to warm up, activate, strengthen, and relax muscles before, during, and after training or the Games is crucial not only to prevent injuries and speed up recovery but also to prime your body for winning the Games.  

How Does Physiotherapy Help Athletes?

Acute Sports Injury

Athletes might get injured during the training or the Games. For example, falling over when snowboarding could lead to shoulder dislocations, wrist injuries or fractures, ligament injuries, or muscle strain. Immediate treatment can help control the progression, reduce inflammation, facilitate recovery, helping athletes to get back to the field faster.

Longest’s extracorporeal shockwave therapy devices can reach deep target tissue to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and heal injured muscles, ligaments, and joints. It is an ideal alternative to surgical intervention and medication for the treatment of multiple musculoskeletal conditions.

Chronic Exercise-Induced Muscle Injury

Chronic injuries such as soreness and pain in the back, calf, knees, shoulders are a lot more common to athletes than acute injuries as long-term high-intensity training causes repetitive trauma to the tendons, joints, and bones. It is difficult to fully recover as chronic injuries occur over time. However, the condition could significantly be improved by proper physical therapy.

Longest’s intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) therapy devices can help boost blood circulation, massage and relax muscles, and promote recovery by squeezing the proximal and distal limbs through the sequential inflation and deflation of sleeves.

The relaxation of muscle and good blood circulation is important for athletes to prime their bodies for the next training or competition.

Injuries Prevention

There are other causes of injuries beyond above mentioned. When the body isn’t competent or well-prepared for exercising, injuries also happen. For example, a good warm-up before exercising and good relaxation after are very necessary and crucial.

Longest’s EMS device 232 is a great adjunct to athletes. It allows athletes to engage in deep, intense, and complete muscular contractions without actually activating (or stressing) joints and tendons, helping improve muscle endurance, explosive force, strength, and other aspects of performance while preventing injuries. It also helps relieve pain and soreness, massage muscles to full relaxation, and reduce swelling after training.

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