GZ LONGEST LGT-2200 series are pressotherapy machines equipped with sequential pneumatic pressure systems through program-controlled inflation and deflation of the sleeves covered in arms, legs, waist, and back to realize a therapeutic effect.

The mechanism and functions of pressotherapy in physiotherapy: The inflation and deflation of the sleeves enhance the backflow of venous blood and lymph and improve the blood circulation of the injured areas. That pressotherapy treatment will lead to a series of beneficial effects such as improving the function of peripheral blood vessels, removing the edema, accelerating the healing process, and preventing Muscular Dystrophy. Furthermore, it can achieve the effect of pressotherapy lymphatic drainage, which will relax the body and improve body function.

The applications of pressotherapy in aesthetic medicine include lymph drainage, blood circulation, detoxification, cellulite treatment, body shaping in legs, abdomen, buttocks, and arms, strengthening of loose skin, relaxation of stress, etc.