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  • sequential compression device for dvt prophylaxis dvt compression pump
    Air Compression Therapy Device to increase blood circulation, prevent DVT Pumps (Deep Venous Thrombosis) and PE (Pulmonary Embolism) before, during and after surgery

    LGT-2201DVT is a DVT pump machine comprised of an intermittent pneumatic controller, sleeves, and connectable hose. It is a special pressotherapy system with gradient pressure designed to decrease the risk of DVT(Deep Venous Thrombosis) and Pulmonary Embolism(PE) before, during, and after surgery.

    It has professional overlapping DVT sleeves, such as thigh-length sleeves, knee-length sleeves, thigh sleeves, calf sleeves, foot sleeves, which are disposable, reusable, and different sizes are suitable for different patients. LGT-2201DVT is an exceptionally high-quality sequential compression device for DVT prophylaxis as it has 4 compression modes and gradient pressure that ensures the patient achieves optimal therapeutic and comfort during treatment. The real-time pressure monitoring system can automatically fill the pressure when the pressure is lower than the setting and stop after reaching the setting. The treatment time is flexible, 1min-99h or continuous output. It owns a screen lock function. If you don't operate the device for about 10s, it will automatically lock to prevent misoperation. The connector snaps securely and efficiently into the hose. The high-level configuration of the DVT pump machine makes it become one of the best DVT prevention machines in the world.

    Clinic purpose: Therapeutic and Rehabilitation

  • electrical muscle stimulation device
    Portable Electro-Stimulation Therapy Device to elicit muscle contraction, prevent venous stasis, increase the venous flow of the lower limbs and prevent venous stasis during surgical treatment

    MStim Reha LGT-231, a medical device, is a new portable technology of additional DVT prophylaxis.

    • Longest LGT-231 electric pulse muscle stimulator increases the venous flow of the lower limbs and has a prophylactic effect against the formation of DVT.
    • It’s applied in hospital and after discharging in most high-risk of DVT cases: high risk of DVT surgery situations including orthopedic surgery, abdominal surgery, neurosurgery, multiple traumas, and high-risk patients such as cancer patients, people having a past history of DVT, overweight, long periods of immobility, inherited clotting disorder, and the elderly, etc. Longest LGT-231 is one of the best neuromuscular electrical stimulation devices for DVT mechanical prophylaxis.
    • Adopting electrical muscle stimulation for preventing venous stasis during surgical treatment, this microcurrent therapy machine is invented to stimulate the blood flow with small current that are suitable for enhancing muscle contraction.  
    • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation is the transcutaneous application of electrical impulses to elicit muscle contraction, preventing venous stasis. It significantly reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis compared to no prophylaxis.
    • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) promotes blood flow in lower limb veins. This type of stimulation increases flows velocity in the deep veins in a way analogous to that of electrical muscle stimulation and IPC. LGT-231 is easy to use and applies the electrodes on the concerned leg (or legs), in a sitting, semi-recumbent or lying position to increase the intensity slowly and progressively, in order to see and feel deep muscle contractions.
  • blood clot prevention machine
    Air Compression Therapy Device to decrease the risk of DVT Pumps (Deep Venous Thrombosis) and PE (Pulmonary Embolism) before, during and after surgery

    Air Compression Therapy LGT-2200DVT is a leg compression machine for lymphedema, equipped with a special pressotherapy system with gradient pressure that is designed to enhance the blood flow and reduce the risk of DVT (Deep Venous Thrombosis) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE) before, during, and after surgery.

    • It is comprised of an intermittent pneumatic controller (main unit), sleeves, and connection hose. The air inflating and deflating the sleeve sequentially to develop the circulating pressure on the human bodywhen it functions.
    • It squeezesthe proximal and distal of limbs to promote blood circulation lymphatic system and improve body microcirculation. Hence, it is a terrific blood clot prevention machine. 
    • It can prevent thrombus, reducinglimbs drops, which is related to blood and lymph circulation directly or indirectly. DVT is one of the most common complications of bed rest, and prevention is urgently needed. LGT-2200DVT will be the best DVT compression machine choice to take precautions against DVT.

    Suitable places: Clinic and hospital