Fashionable & Portable Design

  • 2.2″ OLED screen: intuitive display providing real-time pressure monitoring
  • 2.2 kg: portable size with back and side hook for convenient movement and placement

Four Modes & Comfortable Pressure 

  • 4 modes: matching all sleeves, from foot to thigh
  • Gradient pressure: 30-150 mmHg, satisfying versatile clinical needs

Rechargeable Battery, Long Time Operation

  • Rechargeable battery: 3500mAh, competitive electricity capacity in the market
  • Long-time operation: 1-99 hours or continuous, once and for all

Reusable & Disposable Sleeves with High-quality

  • High durability: disposable sleeves 5,000 times inflation and deflation tested; reusable sleeves 50,000 times tested
  • Premium materials: lightweight and breathable fabric providing maxim comfort
  • Various sleeve types: 1-3 chambers, reusable or disposable, including thigh-length sleeves, knee-length sleeves, thigh sleeves, calf sleeves, foot sleeves

Safe & Convenient Treatment

  • Wound avoiding: all the sleeves not covering knees or ankles, different chamber combination meeting all your needs
  • Pressure alarm: higher or lower pressure alarm assuring safe treatment
  • Auto screen lock: the screen will lock after 10s inactivity to avoid misoperation
  • Quick connector: slot design facilitating connection of the hose and sleeves

Technical Specification

Chamber 1-3
Compression Mode 4
Time Range 1-99 hours or continuous
Pressure Range 30-150mmHg
Hold Time 2s (Default)
Interval Time 10s (Default)
Interface 2.2″ OLED screen
Rechargeable Battery Yes (Lithium battery: 3500mAh)
Automatic Memory Yes
Dimension 27(L) × 14.8(W) × 14.5(H) cm
Standard Weight 2.2kg



PictureOrder NO.TypeChamber
22 0051Thigh Sleeve1
22 0052Calf Sleeve2
22 0053Foot Sleeve1
PictureOrder NO.TypeChamberSize
220054WThigh Sleeve1S
220054MWThigh Sleeve1M
220054LWThigh Sleeve1L
220055WCalf Sleeve2S
220055MWCalf Sleeve2M
220055LWCalf Sleeve2L
220056WFoot Sleeve1S
220056MWFoot Sleeve1M
220056LWFoot Sleeve1L
PictureOrder NO.TypeChamberSize
220096Thigh Sleeve1S
220096MThigh Sleeve1M
220096LThigh Sleeve1L
220094Calf Sleeve2S
220094MCalf Sleeve2M
220094LCalf Sleeve2L
220095Foot Sleeve1S
220095MFoot Sleeve1M
220095LFoot Sleeve1L
220092MThigh Length Sleeve3M
220092LThigh Length Sleeve3L
220093MCalf and Foot Sleeve3M
220093LCalf and Foot Sleeve3L


PictureOrder NO.NameApplicable Sleeves
22 0058STransparent connection hose (Double head
hose, with caps)
Reusable  Sleeves & Disposable Sleeves (White)
22 0130Connection hose with two 3-pin connectorsDisposable Sleeves (Gray)
  • Watch the video to learn more about LGT-2201DVT