Channels: The electrical stimulation machine LGT-2320BE has 12 separate electrode pad channels, allowing for the simultaneous treatment of multiple areas of the body. In addition, it is designed with a channel for a pen electrode, providing more detailed treatment to even the most sensitive facial areas.

Electrode Pads: The machine comes with a set of Silicone rubber electrode pads that attach to the channels. These pads are placed on the specific areas of the body that require them.

Pen Electrodes: Various kinds of pen electrode pads for different treatment sites are available.

  • Spherical Electrode: Smooth Uneven Skin Texture
  • Plate Electrode: Reduce Wrinkles & Find Lines
  • Dual-Point Ball Electrode: Tone, Firm, Lift Muscles & Skin
  • Y-shape Electrode: Lift the Jowls and Cheeks
  • Ball Point Electrode: Perfect for Delicate Areas around the Eyes and Nose
  • Glove Electrode: Entire Facial & Body Treatment

Intensity Controls: Each channel has its own intensity control, which allows the user to adjust the strength of the electrical stimulation delivered to the corresponding area of the body. This feature enables customization based on individual comfort levels and treatment requirements.

Pre-Programmed Modes: The machine offers pre-programmed modes specifically designed for different body and skin treatments. Each mode comes with electrode pad placement guidance and treatment guidance.

Customizable Settings: In addition to pre-programmed modes, the machine allows users to create custom settings (Expert Mode). This feature enables manual control over various parameters such as frequency, pulse duration, and waveform. Customization can be useful for tailoring the treatment to individual needs or experimenting with different settings for specific purposes.

Intuitive LCD Display: The machine features a 7’’ LCD display that shows the selected mode, intensity levels, and other relevant information. This display provides real-time feedback and allows users to monitor and adjust the settings during the treatment.

Safety Features: To ensure safe and effective use, the machine is equipped with an emergency stop hand switch which allows patients to easily stop the treatment when they feel discomfort or other emergencies.

Body Contouring & Sculpting

Targeting specific areas of the body to reduce fat and improve muscle tone using electrical stimulation can improve body shape and contour and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Ideal for: thighs, abdomen, arms, and buttocks.


Facial Rejuvenation

Using low-frequency electrical currents to stimulate facial muscles can help lift, tone, and smooth the skin, offering a non-invasive alternative to facelifts, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles,

Ideal for: Anti-aging facial treatments


Muscle Toning & Tightening

Electrical stimulation can enhance the skin’s natural regeneration process by promoting collagen and elastin production and blood circulation, resulting in reduced fine lines, and improved skin tone, and texture.

Ideal for: skin laxity, muscle toning, and overall skin health


Post-Operative Healing

Electrical stimulations can accelerate recovery and minimize swelling by promoting better blood flow and reducing inflammation, offering faster healing, reduced downtime, and enhanced results from surgical aesthetic procedures.

Ideal for: After cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts, liposuction, and other body contouring procedures.


7’’ color touchscreen

Dimensions ( (W×L×H))

450×468×200 mm

Weight (main unit)

5.2 kg


12 channels for electrode pads (CH1-CH6, C7-C12)

1 channel for electrode applicator

Operation Mode

Protocol Mode & Expert Mode

Preset Protocol


Custom Protocol

Client Management System

Standard Accessories

  • Power Cord*1pc
  • Electrode Pad Lead Wire*12pcs
  • Pen Electrode Controller (Applicator)*1pc
  • Strap (size L, 125cm)*4pcs
  • Strap (size M, 85cm)*4pcs
  • Strap (size S, 55cm)*4pcs
  • Hand Switch*1pc
  • Silicone Rubber Electrodes*12 packs (2pcs/pack)
  • Self-Adhesive Electrode*1pack (80×130mm/2.0mm/4pcs/pack)
  • Sponge Covers*12pcs
  • Ball Point Electrode*1pc


Optional Accessories

  • Dual-Point Ball Electrode
  • Plate Electrode
  • Spherical Electrode
  • Y-shape Electrode
  • Electric Glove(1 pair)
  • Trolley