Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is specifically aimed at helping people prevent and recover from injuries associated with sports and exercise participation, regardless of age and abilities.

Sports Physiotherapy plays an important role in helping athletes of all levels of ability to enhance their performance, improve their physical quality, and reduce the risk of common injuries.


Benefits of Sports Physiotherapy

  • Enhance Physical Strength
  • Relax muscles and body
  • Improve Joint and Muscle Flexibility
  • Prevent and treat Injuries
  • Relieve pain more healthily

GZ Longests Sports Physiotherapy Portfolio

We offer a portfolio of Sports Physiotherapy Solutions that address your specific needs. All are aimed at safeguarding the health of people and boosting the growth of your business.


— Enhance Physical Strength & Relieve Pain


A Great Way to Relax Muscles after Exercise

Shockwave Therapy

— Promote Healing & Recover Mobility

Our Offers will benefit:


Sports Lovers or athletes

to prevent injuries, relax muscles, and increase athletic performance

Fitness Club Owners

to improve their services and expand their business


to help their patients get back to optimum levels of physical function


to stand out from the competitors and gain more profits

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