• Quality overlapping sleeve
  • Multi-flush modes for best recovery
  • Adjustable pressure to satisfy different trainer’s need
  • Digital control and quick operation
  • World compatible adapter
  • Real time pressure indication to prioritize the most suitable pressure for the user
  • High Pressure Errors indications to assure safety training
  • Rechargeable Battery with 6500mAh Capacity to endure more than 5 hours life span
  • LGT-2200SP is intended for the temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pains for the temporary increase in circulation to the treated areas,it can simulate kneading and stroking of tissues by using an inflatable garment.
  • Improves blood circulation, promotes lymphatic fluid movement, helps remove lactic acid, and improves flexibility thus stimulating recovery and enhancing performance.


Compression mode6
Rechargeable batteryYes(Battery Life: more than 6 hours)
AdapterYes(15V 6A)
Input voltageAC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Weight1.65KG(without battery)


Adapter 2.5M (Power cord included)1pc
Connection hose with double connectors1pc
Carry Bag1pc



Rechargeable battery (6500mAh)1pc
4-chamber arm sleeve – Small Size1pc
4-chamber leg sleeve – Small Size1pc
4-chamber leg sleeve – Medium Size1pc
4-chamber leg sleeve – Large Size1pc
4-chamber jacket – Small Size1pc
4-chamber waist + thigh – Small Size1pc
4-chamber calf + foot sleeve – Small Size1pc
4-chamber full body – Small Size1pc

1.When should I use it?
LGT-2200SP improves blood circulation, promotes lymphatic fluid movement, helps removelactic acid and improves flexibility thus stimulating recovery and enhancing performance.
You can use it after a long day, anytime your legs are feeling sore, or whenever you feel you need to get best recovery.

2. How long do I use it?
The recommended use time is 30 min per time, 2 times per day. Do not exceed 20 minutes in
the first treatments. For someone’s first treatment with this device, we suggest to start the treatment with 5 to 10 minutes.
Longer is not necessarily better, especially after 30 minutes. There is no harm in going longer, but you get all the benefit you need within 30 minutes of using the pump, even after a long race or intense workout.

3. Why the sleeves is not fully when it inflates at first?
There is a pre-inflation lasting 30 seconds when start working, which can accelerate the cycle inflation time. Namely, in the first circle, whichever modes you choose, each chamber in the sleeves will only inflate for 30 seconds and then continue to the next chamber, no matter if it have infalted into the working pressure.


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