LGT-2500X is a system that therapists love the easy setup and comfort in use; patients appreciate the expedited and comfortable treatment and reduced wait time. Clinics are pleasant about efficiency, productivity, flexibility, and high-cost performance.

Easy. Streamlined. Productive 

High patient volumes call for a simple system with a fast workflow to improve the efficiency of care delivery without compromising the quality. LGT-2500X is thus designed to take therapists’ confidence to a new level with advanced features to deliver fast and high-quality patient care. It is refined in every detail to simplify steps and provide an improved experience for both therapists and patients.

  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface: Easy to learn by beginners. Fewer clicks are required to start the treatment. Adjustable tilt angle ensures the comfortable viewing of displayed information on the screen
  • Rotary knob: Quickly adjust to the desired parameters
  • Preset protocols with image guidance: Help therapists with confident treatment while also enabling efficiency Automatic recognition of handpiece: The system can automatically recognize connected handpieces – shockwave therapy handpiece and/or vibration therapy handpiece
  • Control panel on the handpiece: Therapists can easily control the treatment with a control panel on the handpiece, reducing therapists’ moves between patients and the machine. Therapists can focus more on the treatment itself and interaction with patients


Bring Superior Experience to Your Patients 

Every healthcare facility works hard for better patient experiences which are associated with better patient safety, improved outcomes, and patient satisfaction. LGT-2500X helps improve patient experience by providing amazing and valuable care. 

  • Multiple transmitters to meet different treatment needs and ensure precise and effective treatment
  • An impressive pressure range from 0.3 bar to 5.0 bar enables therapists to address simple to complex cases and accommodate patients with different levels of sensitivity and tolerance
  • High-quality pump that provides consistent and powerful sound waves to ensure treatment effectiveness and exceptional results
  • User-defined protocols enable therapists to provide more personalized treatment for patients and meet more clinical needs


Return on Investment Considered 

If you value a shockwave therapy system based on how often and how long you can use it, LGT-2500X stands strong. The remarkable portability enables you to expand care everywhere. It can withstand everyday heavy use in a busy clinic for years with less maintenance needs and costs. 

  • Compact and portable design is right for your point-of-care use and boosts mobile physiotherapy service. And it satisfies all room sizes.
  • Optional trolley offers flexibility in moving from place to place and provides large storage space for all accessories and tools
  • Robust construction and high performance enable it to work in however harsh conditions. It is strong enough to keep you running day in and day out, without breakdown, giving you accelerated ROI
  • Smart Investment: Featuring smooth operation, reduced maintenance needs, remarkable lifespan, and outstanding performance, LGT-2500X gives an excellent price-performance ratio


Make Informed Treatment Decision-Making for Exceptional Results 

Patients come and go every day. It is difficult for therapists to remember the condition, used protocol, and treatment progress of each patient, especially when patient volume is high. LGT-2500X series is designed with an efficient data management system to help therapists gather information, review treatment records, make informed decisions, and provide superior care. 

  • Account management: Therapists need to log in to their personal accounts to view the data, protecting patient privacy
  • Evaluation system: Before and after VAS score and range of motion comparison to track treatment progress and help with decision-making
  • Patient management: Document the treatment history of each patient to ensure treatment consistency and guide effective treatment decisions. All data can be exported via USB.



Physiotherapy & Orthopedics

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Inflammation of the lateral epicondyle of the humeral – tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • Painful shoulder syndrome
  • Patellar tendonitis – jumper’s knee
  • Inflammation and Achilles tendon pain
  • Calcaneal spur (lower and upper)
  • Anterior tibial syndrome
  • Overload and degenerative changes
  • Muscle tension, trigger points
  • Trochanteric bursitis
  • Tendinopathies and rotator cuff injury – tendon lesions
  • Chronic enthesopathy
  • Iliotibial band syndrome