GZ Longest Acoustic Wave Therapy

—— Effective Body Sculpting and Body Contouring Treatment

Acoustic wave therapy is a non-invasive and safe treatment widely used in aesthetic medicine to help solve many cosmetic problems including stretch marks after delivery, awful cellulite, and scars after injuries or surgery and help achieve the ideal body shape and skin condition. 

Frequently Asked

Acoustic wave therapy is a novel facial tightening technique that involves nonthermal penetration of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, affecting cells and their metabolism, and resulting in an increased release of unwanted fat and activation of blood and lymphatic flow in tissues. 

AWT can be used in Aesthetics for facial and body toning, firming, and contouring. 

  • Skin toning and firming
  • Treatment of scars and stretchmarks
  • Remodeling treatments, reshaping, and contouring
  • Smoothing of connective tissue
  • Reduction of dimpling and cellulite
  • Fat reduction
  • Skin tightening
  1. Provide patients with access to non-invasive, no-downtime, safer, and more affordable cosmetic treatment options.
  2. Expand your services to accommodate wider treatment requirements. 
  3. Keep your patients satisfied with better and safer treatment.
  4. Improve the efficiency and patient flow of your clinic.

PowerWave Series

PowerWave LGT-2500F

An ESWT device programmed with a “Lease” setting. Each lease period is 30 days.

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PowerWave LGT-2500S Plus

The “shockwave + vibration massage” design delivers greater value to patients and therapists.

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PowerWave LGT-2500S

Portable and powerful AWT device that can fit in very small patient rooms.

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PowerWave LGT-2510A

Superior air compressor guarantees a stable power source supply.

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PowerWave LGT-2510B

The 2-channel design increases the efficiency of your clinic.

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Technical Specification Comparison

ModelLGT-2500SLGT-2500S PlusLGT-2500FLGT-2510ALGT-2510B
PowerWave Series
Channelsingle2 (shockwave +vibration massage)singlesingle2
CompressorGermany-imported superior silent air compressor
Interface7″ LCD touch screen7″ LCD touch screen10.4″ foldable touch screen10″ LCD touch screen10″ LCD touch screen
PerformancePressure: 1.0–4.0 barPressure: 1.0–5.0 barPressure: 1.0–4.0 barPressure: 1.0–5.0 barPressure: 1.0–5.0 bar
Frequency: 1–17 HzFrequency: 1–22 HzFrequency: 1–17 HzFrequency: 1–22 HzFrequenc: 1–22 Hz
Pulse: 1–3000Pulse: 1–8000Pulse: 1–15,000Pulse: 1–3000Pulse: 1–3000
Rotary knob ————————
Burst mode——————
Lease mode————————
Preset protocols——
User-defined protocols————————
Body navigation——
Circumference ——
Patient database
Dimension39.5×39.0×19.4cm39.5×56.5×19.4cm52.5× 47.6× 110cm54.2×44.5×112cm54.2×44.5×112cm


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